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Competitive College Club Sends Pakistani Students to Top U.S. Colleges

Guess what Khizrah Naveed and Saad Malik have in common? They’re ALL in the top 10 percent of their class at school and will soon be heading to U.S. colleges and universities, thanks to the Competitive College Club (CCC) program organized by EducationUSA at the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP). These talented students were among the 58 Pakistani high school students who were selected to participate in an 18-month program which aims to help the best and brightest students apply to competitive U.S. colleges and universities.

Competitive College Club1

The best and the brightest! Competitive College Club participants gather on the steps of the Fulbright Center in Lahore.

What is the CCC program and who is eligible?
Under the mentorship of EducationUSA advisers and with the support of fellow CCC members, the 18-month program helps students bolster their already strong college applications by creating a community of high-achievers who work together and in consultation with their advisers to showcase their full potential as applicants. The program comprises a year-round roster of student activities including study groups, intensive SAT and ACT preparation, reading assignments, lectures, and community service projects. The only other requirement is commitment – students who participate in this intensive group advising sign a contract detailing their responsibilities, which include attending all meetings – bi-monthly during the school year and weekly during the summer.

Students from various financial and social backgrounds come together with one goal in mind: to push themselves to work harder and encourage one another to pursue academic soundness through healthy competition. The CCC is open to all Pakistani high school students in grades 8 through 11 and who are in the top 10% of their class.

This year’s cohort of CCC participants received college acceptances from UPENN, Duke University, NYU, Princeton, Berkeley, UCLA, Dartmouth, Carnegie Mellon and Cornell to name a few. While there are no guarantees that CCC students will be accepted to a U.S. university, the program definitely increases the chances of students getting into top tier colleges. But don’t despair, EdUSA advisers will also be on hand to help students develop alternative college plans in the event their application is not successful.

Meet a fellow CCC student!
Want to know more about the program? Read what some high achievers have to say about the Competitive College Club and learn from their experiences. Click on the following links for our Q & A with CCC participants: Khizrah Naveed and Saad Malik who are attending U Penn and Princeton, respectively. We’re very excited about their success!

Want to be a step ahead of the rest? See how you can be part of the EducationUSA Competitive Colleges Club program at USEFP. Email for more information.

CCC - Animation

Goofing off! Competitive College Club members blow off steam after an intense advising session.

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