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Winter Donations, Competitive College Club, and EdUSA at DAWN Expo 2017!


A college application to a U.S. college or university requires serious commitment and can be daunting at times. In order to help students overcome the challenges of the application process, EducationUSA (EdUSA) at USEFP launched the Competitive College Club (CCC) in March 2015. The 18-month program brings outstanding Pakistani students from local high schools together and enables them to work collectively on the various components of their college application. It also aims to facilitate bright, financially disadvantaged students to apply to the U.S. for higher education. EdUSA Advisers conduct various sessions on topics ranging from essay writing and standardized test workshops while also providing students with various opportunities for community service.

Students listening closely to EdUSA Adviser Taimur Zaheer regarding the Competitive College Club.

EdUSA Adviser Taimur Zaheer guiding students participating in the Competitive College Club in Islamabad.

In the last CCC cohort, 58 Pakistani high school students were selected to participate in the program. One of those was a graduate of Lahore Grammar School, Khizrah Naveed who chose to attend UPENN and credits CCC in helping her achieve here goals.

“The most beneficial aspect of CCC was that it brought us into contact with representatives from various universities, which gave us a clearer idea about what admission officers were looking for in a prospective student,” she said. “Ultimately, the CCC helped me figure out what the requirements were for each of the colleges I was applying to.”

This year’s program will run from March 2017 to July 2018, helping students gain admissions for the Fall 2018 term. Approximately 185 applications for the CCC were considered of which 69 were selected across three cities.

Want to be a step ahead of the rest? See how you can be part of the EducationUSA Competitive College Club program at USEFP. Email for more information.


In addition to supporting students on their path to U.S. higher education, USEFP also encourages students to volunteer for community service projects as part of EducationUSA Citizens. Each quarter, EdUSA Citizens – a community service club – organizes activities to inculcate a sense of civic responsibility among students.

This past quarter, student volunteers with EdUSA Citizens worked diligently to conduct a Winter Donation Drive, mobilizing their schools and communities to collect shoes, sweaters, clothes, toys and blankets for those in need. EdUSA Citizens proceeded with their collections to Edhi Homes, where they spent an afternoon understanding the inner workings of the charity shelter and interacting with the residents. As the day came to a close, the student volunteers left Edhi Homes feeling humbled by their efforts, and by the task that still remains in front of them.


“Visiting the Eidhi Center was an extremely humbling experience, and made me realize just how privileged I am,” said tenth grader EdUSA Citizen, Fatima Jafri. “It also made me want to work more towards this cause, and to work more towards the betterment of the society.”

There are obvious career benefits to volunteering, whereby students discover hidden passions and interests which lead to a career choice and ultimately help develop lifelong interpersonal and communication skills. The campaign not only gives young students an increased sense of social responsibility by inculcating a global view of society and a heart for “giving back” and helping others, but it also helps students stand out among other applicants since admissions officers at U.S. colleges are always on the lookout for well-rounded students.

Launched last year, EdUSA Citizens provides students a platform to engage in social innovation and civic responsibility through community service. Students take part in drives for planting trees, blood donation, neighborhood cleaning, water conservation awareness, and book donations to underserved schools among other group activities. The initiative has been enthusiastically received, with a participation of over 250 students in the various programs since the inception of the program in 2016.


As with years past, USEFP’s booths at the Dawn Education Expo 2017 held in Karachi (28 – 29 Jan), Lahore (31 Jan – 1 Feb) and Islamabad (3 – 4 Feb), all drew hundreds of eager students and parents to its state-of-the-art booths, inquiring about the admission process to U.S. higher education institutions. From researching colleges and universities, financing studies, completing applications, student visas and other aspects of student life in the U.S., participants clamored for a chance to have their questions answered by educational advisers, testing staff and other professionals manning the booths at the Expo. On the whole, the event was an opportunity for students interested in higher education opportunities abroad and provided USEFP with an opportunity to reach out to students from various academic backgrounds in Pakistan.

Potential students listening to Umair Khan regarding opportunities to study in the U.S.

Potential students at the USEFP booth at DAWN Expo, listening to Umair Khan (Manager, Fulbright Outreach & EdUSA Advising) regarding opportunities to study at higher education institutions in the U.S.

USEFP operates EducationUSA Advising Centers in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, which are part of a global network of hundreds of advising centers in more than 170 countries around the world supported by the U.S. Department of State. All of USEFP’s EducationUSA advisers have first-hand experience of studying in the U.S. and provide accurate, comprehensive, and current information for no cost about how to apply to U.S. colleges and universities through one-to-one advising sessions, and various programs and events addressing the application process. Register for your FREE advising session here. Manager – Fulbright Outreach & EducationUSA Advising

USEFP Testing Center is an authorized Prometric Test Center. Prometric is the leading global provider of testing services and solutions for corporate, academic, government, financial and professional services clients. USEFP testing has been operating in Pakistan for more than almost three decades now, and has expanded operations from Islamabad to Lahore and Karachi. To learn more, visit our Testing page.

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