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UGRAD grantees representing Pakistan on the world stage

Each year during the Global UGRAD predeparture orientation, USEFP is introduced to a vibrant and dynamic group of future leaders, eager to begin their journey of learning and exploration in the United States. These undergraduate students are chosen because of their leadership potential, acceptance of diversity and passion for change. ...
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Improving access to U.S. higher education through countrywide outreach

  USEFP recognizes that access to information about U.S. higher education is a privilege enjoyed by few in Pakistan. As such, it aims to offer services that bridge the information gap and make education in the U.S. a possibility for everyone. In addition to its scholarship opportunities, USEFP’s EducationUSA advising ...
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USEFP transitions

  USEFP welcomes three new staff members to its team: Aiman Rizvi graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2017 with concentrations in Politics and Film. She moved to Karachi to work as a journalist before she joined USEFP as an EducationUSA Adviser. In her free time, she enjoys writing, documentary ...
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Ten Years of PUAN: Alumni Mark the Occasion at Reunion Ceremonies

  Islamabad Reunion More than 700 alumni of U.S. government-sponsored programs gathered in Islamabad to recognize the contributions of Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN) members to their communities and mark the 10-year anniversary of PUAN. Politicians, scholars, journalists, business leaders, and students, all alumni of U.S. government programs, joined together to ...
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GRE mock test: Opening doors to U.S. higher education

A lot of the individuals interested in applying for the Fulbright scholarship program, initially balk at the thought of taking the GRE General test. To allay their fears and familiarize the Pakistani public with this seemingly daunting test, USEFP conducts GRE mock tests at various public-sector universities across Pakistan. Each ...
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Fulbright alumna strives for an inclusive community for differently abled persons

  On Friday, May 4, 2018, Fulbright alumna Tayyaba Azeem, founder of SpeakUp!, organized a coaching session for Differently Abled Persons (DAP) with the support of USEFP at its Karachi premises. The session was attended by DAPs from different educational backgrounds and interests and facilitated by a fully-trained sign language ...
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8.5% Rise in Number of Pakistani Students Studying in the U.S.

70 students who will study at American colleges and universities starting this fall attended a pre-departure orientation in Islamabad hosted by EducationUSA at the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP). Similar orientation sessions were held in Lahore and Karachi for a total of 188 students. The students will be ...
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